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large car sun shade front window windscreen reflector

Product Details

large car sun shade front window windscreen reflector

Size: 130x60cm

Packing: each pcs in individual polybag

MOQ: 1000PCS


The summer is coming up and getting into a scorching car is never pleasant.


some cars windows are tinted but obviously that's not enough.


In some countries, bright sunlight with soaring heat of 40+ degree makes your lovely cars

interiors  fading & cracking. the car owners try to park under trees etc but that is not always 

possible. Tree sap is very annoying as well.Cracking the window open is not an option due 

to safety and security reasons.


So, what else can we do?


car Sunshades are the best accessory to protect your cars interior from the sunmer heat.


The windscreen sunshade will help.It dose work good in cars, but my car sunshade is not large enough for my car.

i need a extra large car sunshade for my car.


Trying to find a front (internal) windscreen sun shade for my Focus, the current one I have is too small (70cm) it just falls down. The sun visors folded down do not hold it up.

It only needs to be another 10cm longer and it should stay up, flat against the glass. I can only find external shades which will probably be too wide. 

I've searched amazon and the like as well as ebay and Google. I too could not find one locally.

Looking for extra large car sun shade?


ColorSmart  has the top of the line windshield sun shade to fit any vehicle.The custom-fit windshield sun shade is the best way to protect your vehicle's interior from heat


This is our normally Extra large size:  160x80cm, 150x85cm,142x72cm.


Customized Sizes acceptable for Automobiles; trucks, vans, SUVs; tractor trailers; and RV’s. 



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