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size: 150*70CM

packing: each pcs in polybag or silver pouch.

moq: 3000PCS


When a family man chooses a car, it doesn't matter if it's fast or pimped out. All that matters is that the car is safe enough to drive when a baby's on board. While airbags and seatbelts provide proactive protection for your family, you also need a car accessory that will guard them from immediate dangers, such as harmful UV rays. So when you find yourself with a crying baby that can't take the glaring sun, it's about time you get sun shades for your car.


ColorSmart's advise: Different sun shades for different passengers.


When choosing the right type of sun shade, it is not enough to consider which one gives a better shade. You also have to think about how safe these shades are. Canopy types are smaller-sized canopies fitted to your child's car seat. In terms of protection, this type of sun shade offers the best one, as it blocks the harmful rays from all sides. But if your child feels uncomfortable with the minimal vision from this type of shade, a window sun shade would be a better choice. A car window sun shade provides protection from direct sunlight by covering your windows with an opaque or slight transparent material. Window sun shades come in to different types as well. If you want a more flexible sun shade that will allow you to move it up and down according to the weather, then you should consider a roller window shade for your car. But if you want a cheaper, but just as effective, alternative, then you could also install a sun shade with suction cups.


When looking to purchase car shades, think about ColorSmart.


Color Smart has the top of the line windshield sun shade to fit any vehicle. Enjoy year-round protection from the sun's glare. Our versatile car window sun shade work wonderfully in cars, trucks, boats and RV's.  


Here’s a look at the main types of car sunshades ColorSmart provided:


  • Pop-open car sunshades. This type of sunshade features one or two panels that fold up for easy storage, and then pop open for maximum sun protection. 
  • Accordion-style sunshades. Your customers can fold these up and put them in the windshield when they park their vehicle. It couldn’t be easier.
  • Insulated sunshades. This style of sunshade reflects more of the sun’s rays, keeping vehicle interiors cooler. They have a high-end look, and they’re durable, typically lasting for years.

  • Roller custom car shades. These help reduce the temperature inside the vehicle and block sun rays from passengers’ faces. They’re ideal for side and back windows, and because drivers typically install them and leave them up, your company gets year-round exposure.



ColorSmart able to offer a range of custom printed sunshades for your company's marketing and advertising solutions.




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